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lindsey pollak
Lindsey Pollak
Millennial work-place expert and best-selling author

What Will Make Successful Leaders in the Next Generation?

"Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders" is a brisk, tech-savvy success manual filled with real-world, actionable tips from one of the country's leading Millennial experts Lindsey Pollak.

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  • The three essential laws of 21st century management,
  • Trends shaping business, and
  • A quiz to figure out your management style.

Since July 2012, Lindsey has been the spokesperson for The Hartford's My Tomorrow Campaign, a national initiative that helps Millennials understand how benefits can protect their professional and financial future. "Becoming the Boss" features The Hartford’s original research and unique insights from company executives.

For more Millennial insights and workplace trends from Lindsey, visit The Hartford’s My Tomorrow site.